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If you think you have what you need to stand out in the fashion and advertising world, EstiloUrbano Models invites you to participate in our search for new faces.


How do I enroll in the agency?

In order to be taken into account and being called for an interview, you need to complete the corresponding form in the "BE DESCOVERED” menu.


What photographs should I send to the agency?

You should send at least 2 photos. One photo showing the face, and the other showing the whole body. NO selfies or group pictures. Avoid exaggerated poses, lenses or cropped photos. Your photos must be in high resolution and give us a clear idea of how you really are. If you meet the profile we're looking for, we’ll contact you so we can coordinate a personal interview in the agency.


The agency replies to all applications?

No, the agency only replies to people we think that meet the appropriate profile, which will be called shortly to a personal interview in the Agency.


The photos I send must be professional?

When doing the interview, we look forward to know well how the person really is, so we prefer natural photos. Then, if you are shortlisted to the interview phase and you start to be considered, the photo book will be a fundamental element for the future model work.


Do I need to have a photo book to work in EstiloUrbano Models?

Having a photo book for the model is essential after having entered the agency because this will be the model’s business card for the client. You will be able to make the book through our agency, or we can recommend you the best photographs in our country, who will create the best business card out of your photo book.


I did my book through EstiloUrbano Models, does that make me a model of the agency?

No. We will provide you quality work according to a demanding market, but that does not necessarily imply belonging to the staff of the agency.


What age and type of models does EstiloUrbano Models represents?

In EstiloUrbano Models we represent models of every profile and needed age for the appropriate work in advertising, from 6-month-old kids to older adults for advertising castings.


Is there a requirement to be an advertising model?

Not necessarily, we care that the models have some charisma, something that makes them stand out from the rest. The person for the advertising work (unlike the catwalk model) doesn't need to have a specific profile; age, height, ethnic group, special notes and skills vary and they are all valid. Thus, for the advertising work, we are looking for kids, adults, older adults, tall people, short people, different ethnicities, different skills, these may help you be selected for a commercial.


What kind of works does the Agency do?

In EstiloUrbano Models we have an important number of advertising models, we currently work with the most important casting offices and audiovisual producers from Uruguay, being one of the best rated modeling agencies of today. Castings for advertising, fashion, graphics and television.

At the same time, we have outstanding Image Models, which will make your Event, Product Launch, Congress or Seminar stand out from the rest.
We have an important staff of perfume promoters for the most important brands.

We hope we were as clear as possible, if you have any questions or concerns not addressed above, please get in touch via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will reply as soon as we can. Thanks in advance.